Last Minute-How to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a special time of year when families gather and enjoy delicious food and conversation together. This year especially, with people reuniting, is even more reason to spruce up your Thanksgiving table.

Here are some simple last-minute ideas to really make yours unique and welcoming!

  1. Less is better. When in doubt, leave it off – a busy Thanksgiving table setting tends to be overwhelming.
  2. Opt for low but add height. Décor and candles must be short enough for guests to see and interact with the person sitting across them. Additionally, you can add height with thin, tall candlesticks or delicate twigs from outside.
  3. Limit your color palette. To create a chic table setting, stick to two or three colors, as well as an accent hue. You can also use the outdoors or even your menu ingredients as inspiration.
  4. Seasonal ingredients can double as décor. Fresh squashes, star anise, and whatever is fresh from the harvest can double as Thanksgiving table décor. One or two can be very impactful on a dining table.
  5. Mix crockery, glassware, and cutlery. Mix differently shaped and textured plates, juxtapose copper and silver and add unique glassware – have fun with the essentials.
  6. Add vintage. Dig into the attic and find aged pieces, like vases, or cutlery, that add instant personality to a table.

Here are some of my favorite setting styles:

Thanksgiving table dinner setting style. Near Kettering.

Minimalist-The simplicity of a singular blade of wheat or rosemary makes such a stunning statement – these tables sing “less is more!”

Rustic Thanksgiving table setting using pumpkins. Near Mason.

Rustic-The blend of orange and cream décor provides just the right amount of color and texture. Uniquely, the pinecones give a hint of the transition into the Christmas season which soon follows.

Romantic style decor for Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece.

Romantic-The complimentary neutrals with a romantic floral centerpiece set the tone for this table. In addition, Romantic accents of gold flatware and candlesticks finish the look of this elegant style.

Vintage table setting for Thanksgiving. Near West Chester.

Vintage– This Thanksgiving table setting reaches back to years gone by with its nostalgic decor. Take a peek in your attic or closet to discover just the right piece to showcase on your table. Chances are some of your family members will remember it!

A centerpiece is where Thanksgiving table decorating ideas truly come to life. Showstopper or not, a Thanksgiving table setting is where family and friends meet, so it’s a time to give it a special touch with the style you love!

Here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind as you decorate Your Thanksgiving table with a centerpiece.

1. DO keep the Thanksgiving centerpiece small, especially if you want to serve your dishes in the middle of the table.

2. DON’T use overly fragrant flowers that can cause an allergic reaction in guests.

3. DO work in multiples. Candles, flowers, and other décor work well in pairs or groups of three, five, or seven.

4.DON’T forget to layer. You can arrange a beautiful table just by layering two or more textures, like bushy foliage and glossy candles set against burlap.

5. DO add objects of various heights, even if the pieces are only 2”, 4” and 6” tall.

6.DON’T over complicate. Simple flowers and Thanksgiving table décor will create a timeless look.

7. DO balance the arrangement by using different shaped and sized decorations and flowers.

8. DON’T make use of elements that are too bulky or high. You want your guests to be able to see over décor to interact with one another.

9. DO display dishes on a separate buffet table if you want more space on the dining table. This extra can also double as a place to showcase an elaborate Thanksgiving centerpiece that won’t be in the way.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to decorate! Without a doubt, your dining table is the best place to start. Use your creativity and try these ideas to help you create the table that will reflect your style and your personality.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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