Area Rugs

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect area rug, runner, or accent rug to make it your own!


Area rugs, runners, or accent rugs are the perfect way to complete the look of a room.  At CH Interior Designs, I offer a wide variety of options to help enhance your home with a variety of rug textures, designs, and color.

As owner and designer, I  will walk you through the process to find the perfect rug for the room you are designing, whether it’s a contemporary rug, transitional rug, traditional rug, or cottage style rug.

Every room is different!  Sometimes you need to unify a space, or maybe you want to pull together a color scheme, or sometimes, you just want to change the whole look of a room.

What would the perfect rug look like in your home?

Let’s figure it out

Arearugs pull everything together.
Here is an example of a room project that needed to be unified.  This lovely sunroom needed a bit of sizzle to pull everything together and this carpet pattern did just the trick. Let’s find yours.

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