Custom Window Treatments

Customize your window treatments.


Personalizing your home can be as simple as customizing
your window treatments! It adds color, texture and so much
warmth to a room! Window treatments are my passion and
specialty and I have found that this one element of a room can
revitalize your home for years so don’t hesitate getting
custom drapes, curtains, and valances to
personalize your home. They will add color, texture, and
warmth to your room. They can work as a dramatic focal point
or as a beautiful backdrop. At CH Interior Designs we

specialize in custom window treatments. We’ll work with you
to find the design that fits your windows, your home and your style. Our
process includes a quote, a personalized design process,
product selection, and professional measuring and installation
services for the following customized window treatments:

Are you ready to add new custom drapes, curtains, and valances to your home?

Let’s chat!

Custom window treatments allow you to add a personalized look to your room!

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