Accessory Call

It's All in the Details

Ch Interior Designs Accessory Call Service
Ch Interior Designs Accessory Call

Finishing touches make a space.

Have you done most of the work in your home but now you’re at a roadblock with accessories? Accessorizing will take your home to the next level. It’s the difference between a nice home and a gorgeous one!

Accessories are generally the last step to completing a room, but there are layers of details to consider when finding the right pieces to fit your room and investment—from rugs to lamps and pillows to wall art.

We’ll explore the endless possibilities for your home—and find the perfect pieces.

Whether you prefer to purchase products through our resources or on your own, you’ll have a plan that works for you. The finishing touches are what bring a room to life.

Each project investment is customized according to the scope of work.

Is it time to accessorize? Jump to our process.

“Brenda gave me new ideas that expanded my original thoughts for redecorating which is exactly what I needed. She has a great selection of furniture and accessory choices.


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