6 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Many people think interior designers just spend their day picking out pretty things. But in reality we do so much more! We can help you along your entire interior design journey whether your home needs freshened up or a whole new look, we’re here to help!

In this blog I will take you through 6 benefits of hiring an interior designer. Some obvious and some not-so-obvious advantages to having an interior designer on your team.

1. Depth of Knowledge

Creating great spaces does not happen by accident. Some people have a gift for putting together rooms in a way that is pleasing to the eye, as well being functional. However, many people struggle with this. It seems so easy, but still, they cannot make it happen. When you hire an interior designer, you are not just getting someone who will make your home look good, but are getting someone with a depth of knowledge.

An interior designer has extensive knowledge and training in the industry. They will examine and plan a room design based on the principles and elements of design. In addition, an interior designer will help you solve problems and expand upon your ideas and preferences while keeping them in line with your taste and lifestyle.  We guide you on the best materials and longevity, and the best path to your dream home, when to save and when to splurge!

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We also attend design events and markets to keep ourselves attuned to latest products, styles and up-to-date skills. This experience has taken years of study and experience to accumulate. And when you hire us we put it to use for you.

2. Expert Project Management

Materials selections

With any renovation comes with its share of unforeseen issues that need guidance and advice. An experienced interior designer will help manage the project and save you time and money. Our sharp and creative eye helps avoid mistakes that could hurt your investment and delay your timeline. In addition, we manage and oversee the project and tradesmen, as well as update you regularly on the project.

3. A Network of Skilled Professionals

Reliable team of tradesmen

When you hire a professional interior designer, you gain access to all of our highly skilled and experienced tradesmen that we’ve gathered into our circle. These are the tradesmen, vendors, and craftsmen that we trust to help make your dream come true.

The best part? You don’t have to spend time and energy searching for them yourself.

So many choices!

4. Timed Saved and Guidance Every Step of the Way

When you hire an interior designer you can rest assured, with our design knowledge, team of skilled tradesmen and product management that we will save you time. Not only do you not have to research things, like all the different flooring or tile choices, but you don’t have to leave work everyday to receive deliveries and oversee installations, search for the perfect product, or spend weeks or months finding the right people to help with the project..

Our expertise and management skills will ensure peace of mind and the most efficient path to your dream home.

We focus on your style!

5. We Pay Attention to Your Tastes and Lifestyle

Now that we’ve revealed all the important behind-the-scenes things that interior designers do, let’s look at the design process itself. While you may wish for your home to look just like the ones in a magazine, the truth is that when it comes to designing your own home, you don’t want yours to look just like those. Your own personality and desires need to be expressed in your home.

We’ll help refine your style and aesthetic and learn what’s meaningful to you. We value your priorities and pay attention to what you need and want for your home. In addition, we’ll help you design your home so that it speaks to you and your personality.

6. Living the Dream

When your home is professionally designed to accommodate your lifestyle and help you live the way you’ve always wanted, that’s exactly what it does. Maybe you want your bedroom to have a spa like feel to it with a special space for your yoga stretches. Or your living room to be arranged for entertaining and intimate conversations. Whatever you want from your life we can help get you there so you can live the dream your way!

These 6 benefits of hiring an interior designer will help guide you on your way when designing or decorating your home, whether its one room or the whole house.

Lastly, I want you to know that my passion is helping my clients achieve their interior design goals. I love seeing their happy faces and hearing them say, “I finally feel at home in my own home”. Its a privilege to bring their homes to life that are functional and beautiful and one they want to come home to! I would love the opportunity to help you on your interior design journey!

Happy Decorating!

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