Five Most Common Interior Design Mistakes

Interior design is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be hard to keep up with. In addition, it can be confusing to wade through all the new information and trends that you read and hear about.  When this happens, it’s easy to lose a sense of yourself in your home and become a victim of interior design mistakes.  Read on to discover what I have found to be the five most common interior design mistakes I see, and how you can avoid them.

Window Treatment Mistakes

Hand crafted custom draperies. Near Beavercreek.

A common interior design mistake I often come across is seeing the wrong window treatments in a room. Many times, I see dark heavy draperies that are partially closed or completely closed which make a room look dark and dreary. Let in the light! A solution to having the draperies closed often is to layer the window with blinds or opaque shades in addition to the draperies. This allows privacy and lets the light in. A layered window treatment has multiple functions. In addition, use light and airy fabric at the windows to brighten up the room.  If you have a beautiful view to the outdoors, consider placing a valance on the window to add color and style but keeps the view open. Your windows are a backdrop to your room and should be functional as well as complement the furniture and accessories in the room . If you want to see a variety of window styles check out my window treatment page.

Add the Greens

Plants are an interior design staple. Near Hamilton.

In-home greenery is trending right now, but I think it’s a classic interior design staple. Few people have greens in their home though.  While you don’t need to be a complete greenhouse, I recommend finding a sunny space in your home that currently has no houseplants. Add 2-3 (I suggest succulents if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs!), and your space will transform instantly. likewise, a good quality faux plant will work too. They work well if you don’t want any maintenance or don’t have proper lighting in your home for live plants.

A Welcoming Foyer

Foyer table with mirror. Near Mason.

A foyer can be one of the most overlooked room in your home.  We get use to using it as a dumping ground for shoes, bags, coats and clutter. Your foyer should be a place you look forward to seeing, and one that makes it hard to leave home. I suggest using a cheerful paint or even a striking wallpaper to welcome everyone into your home. If bright white walls are your preference, you could place a colorful patterned accent rug on the floor and a runner on the stairs. Add a fun focal piece on the wall, as well as some items that give the room function. Another option is to place a table for keys or a basket for grab and go items on your way out the door.

Furniture Placement Mistake

An easy interior design mistake is placing furniture incorrectly.

One of the easiest mistakes to make is one of the easiest to fix! The wrong furniture placement in your living or family room can really make the room look choppy and unbalanced. A simple and easy way to make a room look balanced is to relocate, rearrange, or say “good bye” to some of your furniture to make the room flow well and look balanced. “In my opinion,” says interior designer, Brenda Weber, owner of CH Interior Designs, “arranging furniture for great conversation is a good place to start. Another thing to keep in mind, is to create furniture groupings in a large or oversized room.” In addition, look at the traffic patterns in a room to be sure there is nothing blocking them.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Interior design mistakes

To summarize, with so many interior design trends to consider, it is easy to get lost and confused in the world of interior design. My advice is not to forgo comfort to make a space look on trend. I recommend finding furniture and accessories that you love and are comfortable, but also have a great design style. Follow my tips on how to avoid the most common interior design mistakes and your home will be balanced and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Above all, you want to feel that you can kick back and relax in a beautiful and comfortable environment that says “this is me”.

If you still need help wading through trends and endless choices, let me help you find a look that is right for you!

Happy Decorating!

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