Create a Polished Style in Any Room

Here are some tips from designer Brenda Weber on how to create a cohesive and polished style in any room.

Choose a Palette

Create a polished style by choosing a color palette. Near Beavercreek.

Working with clients over the years, I have found that the best way to start a new design and create a polished style is to choose a color palette and the mood they want the room to convey. We begin by looking at materials samples such as paint color, flooring, countertops, fabrics and textures that will bring their palette to life. This can be a time-consuming part of the process, but it is well worth it.

Mix it up

Rustic texture on side chair. Near Lebanon.

Once we establish that choice, we move toward creating interest and balance by mixing soft with hard, dark with light or warm with cool, or in some cases mixing straight with round. Another great combination is using rustic textures with a little bling to create a casual elegance look. This takes some thought and creativity to blend these elements masterfully to create a polished style.

Create Rhythm

Create rhythm and flow in a room.

How do we create rhythm and flow in a room? The best way to do this is to repeat the same textures, colors, and finishes a few times so that the room looks unified. A random finish or color used by itself, leaves the room looking imbalanced and accidental. For example, repeat the same color in wall art, accent pillows and a piece of pottery or another accessory.

Don’t Toss Everything

Polished bedroom style. Near Mainville.

Know what to keep when redesigning a room. Not everything has to be replaced even if you don’t like it. In a new context, tired details can look fresh and new. However, don’t cut corners on an important design feature of the room. If it’s something that unifies with the rest of the home, it may be worth keeping. Aged wood flooring for example, can complement many different styles and save on the price of the project.

Each project is different and deserves special design attention and planning. The completed project is always worth the time and effort that is given during the process. Happy Decorating!

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