Fall Trends That Are Taking over This Year:

The stores are clearing their shelves of summer décor to make room for fall. Thus, It’s time to get ahead of the game and start preparing for your fall décor makeover! A great way to get started is by reading my list of 2017 fall trends!

Living room with green sofa

Hue of the Season: Dark Green

Dark Green is going to be a big hit for fall this year, and lucky for me, it’s one of my personal favorite colors. How do you pull this off with success you might ask? Try pairing this hue with brown leathers, natural woods, and cream. In addition, I recommend starting small with this hue and see how you like it in your interiors before adding more. A few small dark green additions I suggest looking for are: candle sticks, lanterns, window treatments, throw pillows and blankets. Stop by my new showroom or send me a message if you’d like more help implementing one of my favorite colors to your home!


Add Mood with Matte Black

Ah-ha, another color to keep your eyes peered for this fall! This one can be rather easy to bring to your fall style this year. I love matte black light fixtures and recommend looking for these if you’re wanting to add some matte black this season. The black color adds a dark tone of fall, while lamps and lighting add warm hues to your interiors during those chilly days and nights!


Cozy Up the Bedroom with Prints and Fur

My favorite way to add new style and flare to a bedroom is with bedding! My advice if you’re wanting a fall bedroom look like you’ve seen in the magazines, is to mix and match. Bedding sets are on a decline, while mixing and matching colors and textiles are on the rise. By creating your own look you will add a sense of unique style to your bedroom – plus it can be a lot of fun! I recommend trading your white sheets or coverlet for patterns or monograms. Also, if you’re like me and love a cozy retreat, faux fur throw blanket or pillows are a fantastic way to complete your cozy oasis.


Get Homey with Quilts

Quilts have slowly been making a comeback for some time, and this season they’re taking over the bedding market. I love quilts of all kinds and believe there’s a quilt for every season. Therefore, I encourage you to add an old classic by picking up a cozy quilt this season!


Out with the Copper, In with the Brass

Copper has been trending this summer and spring, and while copper is quite timeless, the trend has recently changed to brass. Although brass is quite similar to copper, it does have a lighter tone to it. Similar to the copper trend, you can add brass to your décor through kitchen appliances, furniture accents, and accessories.

Violet armchair over pale green wall

Smooth and Silky Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious looking and feeling fabric that you just can’t keep your hands off of. This fabric is sure to be a perfect way to welcome fall into your interiors! The thing I love about velvet is that it doesn’t take much to make a statement. For example, by adding one piece of velvet furniture or a couple accessories the mood of your interior will change. Furthermore, if you’re seeking to add a visual wow factor, a little luxe and a sense of coziness, velvet is the way to go.


photo source- www.homedit.com

Hide Clutter with Hidden Appliances

This trend is likely to carry on past fall, winter, and into the New Year. There has been a lot of buzz in the interior design industry about hidden appliances. While this is likely to be an expensive project, it’s worth considering and preparing for. From the kitchen, to laundry room, and living areas, designers are desperately seeking ways to hide those pesky appliances and televisions. It’s clear to see why; there is nothing like having a beautifully designed living room with a giant black flat screen right in the middle of it all! It can be frustrating to work around, so I suggest, “why not just hide it all?”

Remember, your home and interiors are most importantly about your style and what you like. Just because these are trending, doesn’t mean you need to go and throw out all of spring’s trends. Nor do you need to implement every trend every season. Similarly, some trends you will like, others you won’t, and that’s okay! In contrast, trends are a great way to keep up with refreshing your style and trying new things. Finally, I hope you enjoy some of the fall trends this year, and let me know how I can help you with transforming your home for the fall season.

Tell me what you think! What is your favorite way to get your home ready for fall? Are you ready to start a new design project but not sure where to start? Send me an email or call to schedule a consultation today!

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