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Your entryway is an area in the home that tends to be forgotten about when it comes to interior design and style. It’s not surprising why; this is often a practical area for taking off shoes and coats, and often gets a bit messy. However, your entryway is one of the first areas visitors will see and is a great place for getting creative while remaining functional. One size does not fit all – entryways should be designed with sizing and family needs in mind. Here’s some clever ways to begin dressing up your entryway while keeping it practical to get you inspired!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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Let’s begin with an accessory that adds a pretty statement while also making your entryway look bigger. Mirrors come in all shape, sizes, colors, and varieties – so there is a lot to choose from! If you’re wanting to make a simple addition, try adding one large mirror over a console table or bench. In contrast, if you’re feeling your entry way could use more pizazz, adding a few smaller mirrors will create more dimension and grab attention. Whichever look you’re going for, you have a lot of options to choose from. For example, trending in mirrors are antique gold or brass frames, white frames with unique designs, and hanging mirrors. Above all, mirrors are great for last minute hair checks, and most noteworthy, they brighten the look of a room!

Wow – I Love That!

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When you’re starting any interior design project, you’re imagining people stopped and adoring your taste – right? People like seeing something a little different. Hence, wallpaper is crawling back into modern interior design, and we don’t think it’s a bad thing! Although it has returned, the use of wallpaper has changed. Currently wallpaper is being used more for accent walls, rather than entire rooms like it was in the past. Therefore, with an accent wall you’re free to have some fun with a bold print. Floral and geometric prints are trending this year and are a fantastic way to add an eye-catcher in your entryway.

In addition, a brightly colored table, chair, or bench is sure to add some personality to your entryway. If you’re hoping to add a statement without drawing too much attention, a navy blue or gray piece of furniture are easy to decorate with and will add a little pop of color. Whereas, if you’re looking for a statement piece, opt for red, turquoise, yellow – or really any color! Just make sure you’re planning your accessories accordingly, these colors are a little more challenging to design with.

Welcome to our Gallery

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Gallery walls are a hit, and we love them too! While mirrors are more common and simpler entryway accessories, we think a gallery wall is worth considering. Gallery walls are a great place to be creative – but make sure you’re planning carefully! That’s right, beautiful gallery walls don’t come without some planning and preparation. If your frames and art aren’t evenly spaced and well planned out, it simply won’t look right. Luckily, there are many templates and space planning ideas you can be reading to get an idea of what you want.

From there, begin preparing by making paper or cardboard cutouts and picking up painters tape. Next, lay out your design on the wall before you begin hanging. As a result, you will have a well-crafted gallery for all to adore. From uniform and clean, to abstract and creative – there’s endless options when designing your gallery wall. If you’re in need of some inspiration, stop by our shop to begin picking out a few wall accessories you love, then design the remaining look around those picks!

Let’s be Practical

entry wall side board

We’re understanding that every house has different needs, which is why we’re recommending that you be practical with your entryway. If you have a front door that is rarely used, it is easier to fill it with pretty and delicate things. Whereas, if you’ve got kids and pets using your entryway all day long, you may not want to start putting expensive vases and breakable details around. However, just because your family actually uses your entryway, it doesn’t mean you need to be afraid of decorating. Some practical additions to your entryway includes benches, tables, hooks, umbrella holders, and storage tables.

If you’re thinking your entryway is always cluttered, a storage table with bins to hide the clutter is a great way to go. From there, simply dress it up with a mirror (or gallery!) and a pretty mail organizer. In addition, hooks are fantastic for entryways – and they can actually look really beautiful. Many people start placing hooks on the wall by themselves, but we like to dress things up here at CH Interiors. Therefore, we’re recommending getting hooks nailed to a pretty painted board instead. This will have a more expensive and tasteful look, plus they’re much easier to hang!

Feeling inspired yet? Visit us at our shop to start picking up some entryway accessories. If you’re wanting to re-vamp your entryway without all the hassle, schedule a consultation with our experienced in-house interior designer Brenda Weber.

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