A Harmonious Room

A harmonious room is one that is inviting and comfortable-in other words, the best kind of room to be in! One important element of design is Rhythm. Rhythm in a room serves much the same purpose as rhythm in music- it creates liveliness in a room just as it get our toes tapping in a song. Rhythm is achieved by bringing about a feeling of movement in the room. Here are 3 easy ways to achieve rhythm in any room.
1. Repetition of objects, colors, shapes, or textures is the most common way to make it happen. For example, repeat the color bright blue accents-several pieces of blue pottery on a book shelf, blue pillows on the sofa and a blue lamp shade will keep the eye moving around the space.
2. Repeated elements in a range of sizes, such as pieces of pottery with the same shapes or colors, also create rhythm and a feeling of movement. Curved lines that show up in a room’s furniture, architecture, and fabric instill movement, as do strong straight or diagonal lines. The way furniture is arranged can also create a sense of motion if the eye is led from one area to another.
3. Variety is necessary for rhythm, too. Repeated elements should share a common trait, such as color or line, but they should also be different enough to created visual interest. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to present items going from small to large or short to tall with the shape being the same.

Try experimenting with these tips yourself. If you need some professional advice give me a call at 513-8970021.



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