Mixing Patterns- Adding interest to your decor

As intimidating as it may seem, there are some clear-cut guidelines for mixing patterns in a room. Odd numbers work best when choosing color schemes, grouping objects, placing plants in a garden, or choosing patterns.  Start with 3 patterns that vary in scale from small to large.  
1.  First Pattern – Choose this pattern carefully as it will be the statement pattern and set the tone     for the room.  This should be the largest pattern in the room.
2.  Second Pattern –  This pattern should be very different from the first, and half the size or scale of the first pattern.  If your first pattern is a large floral, look for a plaid or geometric pattern with some of the same colors in the large pattern.  
3.  Third Pattern – Choices for this pattern could range from a small floral, a tiny checked pattern, to a printed textured look.  Again, choose patterns that repeat some of the same colors for a pulled-together look.  
Keep these steps in mind next time you are trying to mix patterns, and the job will be much easier!
Happy Decorating!
Brenda Weber
Interior Designer for Cobblestone Home Interiors

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