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About Us

Brenda loves working with people who feel stuck and confused when it comes to improving their home interiors. She understands the overwhelming nature of interior design projects and excels at guiding her clients through the process with ease.

Brenda’s success as a designer is also due to her ability to develop strong relationships with her clients based on respect, trust, and confidence. She offers her clients an organized and thorough plan of action when it comes to guiding them through the design process. She ensures that each project reflects their unique interests, vision, and lifestyle. She has recently moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico and is excited to extend her expertise to the local residents. F local residents of Las Cruces including, Sonoma Ranch, Mesilla Valley, Altura, Picacho Hills and surrounding areas.


Our design services

Whole or Partial Home Design in Las Cruces, New Mexico and beyond.


Full-service interior design

Full-service interior design is ideal for clients who trust a design professional to guide them through each step and phase of the design process.


Designer by your side

Designer By Your Side is an ideal service for clients who need an expert eye to help them make the best design decisions on their own.


Accessory call

Have you done most of the work in your home but now you’re at a roadblock with accessories?

Accessorizing will take your home to the next level. It’s the difference between a nice home and a gorgeous one!

How it works

Learn more about our process

Step 1

Complimentary Discovery Call

This is the first step in discovering information about you and your project. We start by gathering details about you, your needs, and how we can make your vision come to life.

Step 2

Home Review

The next step is we begin with a 90-minute value packed visit to your home to get a closer look, assess the space, and give guidance on what you need—from a professional’s point of view. You’ll receive insights on how to achieve the vision for your space.

Step 3

The Design Concept

This step in the process is streamlined to clarify your vision and organize a plan that helps you make the best decisions for your home. During this phase, we explore, brainstorm, and learn everything about you. The goal is to see the space through your eyes.

Step 4

The Action Begins

This is the step where we work to bring the design concept into reality. Once we have received your approval on all selections, we will finalize product pricing, present purchase orders, and receive your deposit/full payment on the approved products.

Are you ready to get started?

Hear from our clients

“She always has multiple ideas to present but allows me to be me!”

Linda L.

“Brenda goes above and beyond to serve her clients. Her sense of style and attention to detail is amazing. I highly recommend her for your home decor and remodeling needs.”

Annie R.

Improving your busy life by Relieving you of the confusion and Overwhelm you may feel when embarking on a new Design Project.

When the thought of improving your home overwhelms you, we’re here!

✔ ‎‎‎We provide expert guidance every step of the way

✔ Save you time in your busy schedule with an organized plan

✔ Relieve your overwhelm and confusion when making choices

✔ Go above and beyond to ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience

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